Your One Stop Shop For ALL Your CREDIT Needs!

Better Service. Lower Cost. Guaranteed!

Your One Stop Shop For ALL Your CREDIT Needs!

Better Service. Lower Cost. Guaranteed!


Why Us?


Credit Services of America is here to serve you. Our only goal is to help individuals change and live a better live through better credit, debt elimination and peace of mind. We are the only credit services organization that can give you debt management, credit repair and credit coaching all under one roof and one low price. Don't pay more for less! We use the most sophisticated strategies to deliver results and raise your score- which is what matters!


We live by our promise to you!


Wait, there are a lot more Advantages


We offer Personalized — Not Computerized Credit Repair!


No two credit reports are the same, so no computer software is going to be as effective and skilled as your own personal credit coach. At CSA, we are people just like you working hard for our clients. We do not believe or rely on automated credit repair software that doesn't work. We do not scan credit reports and have an automated system produce duplicate dispute letters to mail to the credit reporting bureaus. The credit bureaus can recognize it and reject your dispute. We have skilled coaches that analyze your credit reports, and then determine the best possible plan for maximum results. Then we draft unique and individual letters to the credit reporting agencies, original creditors or collection agencies depending on your unique and individual needs.


Customer Service


You will have your own personal credit coach helping you throughout the program. When you call our office you will not talk to a call center full of unskilled telemarketers that read a pre-written script of answers to the "most commonly asked questions". You will also get personalized attention and immediate answers to all of your questions.


CSA is a reputable credit repair and debt management company that can legally remove negative items off of your credit reports and eliminate your debt. We are experts in improving your credit score and not just deleting inaccuracies that can actually decrease your credit score.


100% Guarantee Seal on Proven Results


Results don't lie. Our innovative services helped our clients remove over thousands of negative credit items from their credit reports in 2013 alone. Clients taking advantage of our accelerated credit services have seen impressive credit report results, with an average of 9 removals by month 3 and 27 removals by month 12 across their three reports.


When you partner with CSA you get:


   The most complete credit repair program available

    Debt management services

    Certified by the National Association of Credit Counselors

    Student loan consolidation

    Credit tradelines

    >  Better results faster

    >  Award winning customer service

    >  Access the industry's most experienced credit consultants

    >  Pricing anybody can afford or will beat it (same services)

    >    Services supervised by a certified credit counselor  *

    >  A RISK-FREE refund policy

    >  Free credit report assistance

    >  Score Analysis and score boost

    >  No hidden fees

    >  No setup fees

    >  Never pay for deletes

    >  Name and Address verification

    >  Debt management services

    >  Licensed and Bonded


As you can see we are the most complete credit and debt company available under one roof to suit your own individual needs.  Call us for your free credit evaluation.



How can CSA help you solve your credit and debt problems?


    >  First: Our credit services include everything. You get credit bureau disputes, goodwill

             interventions, debt validation and original creditor negotiations and debt settlement.

    >  Second: If we can't get it deleted we'll negotiate a pay for delete. Tell us what you can afford to

             pay, and that's what your credit coach will negotiate for you.

    >  Third: We can help you open new lines of credit to get your credit score moving in a positive




Is there any other company that offers these services? Bottom line NO!


    X  First: Disputing with the credit bureaus is a small part of credit repair. To be effective, original

             creditors and collection agencies must also be challenged.

    X  Second: Rarely is everything just deleted from your credit report. The only way to address those

             items is to negotiate settlements and pay for delete agreements.

    X  Third: Focusing on bad credit is only a third of the issue; you need new lines of positive credit to

             really complete the credit repair process and eliminate debt. All the "other" companies don't come

             close to our services. We are unique and experienced to help you achieve your goals!


Why Choose us!


    >  You get more. More than just credit bureau disputes. We offer debt validation, pay for delete

             negotiations, goodwill interventions, debt settlement and help establishing new credit.

    >  Peace of mind. We're licensed and bonded.

    >  Prices anybody can afford and plenty of discounts are available. You get everything you need to

             achieve your goals for one low price or we will beat any competitor's price for the same services.

    >  Satisfaction Guaranteed. No gimmicks. If we can't help you will be refunded what you paid.



We've been recommended by:

Brokers and realtors Plus many people just like you....


What others say about us:


"I've gotten excellent feedback from those who've been assisted by the company; they appreciate the professionalism of CSA and are comforted by knowing that our soldiers are not being taken advantage of."


Tom Spalding | United States ARMY


"A reputable firm like CSA can put you on the right track and get you into that car you always wanted."


Jim Vargas | Used Car Sales Manager


"No hype. No gimmicks. Just smart credit management; and it works. Some of my client's own homes because of the work CSA has done."


Eloise Perez | Realtor


As a licensed real estate broker I highly recommend this company. They have helped many people.


George Jabali | Real Estate Broker


Some of our credentials:


    >Credit Services Organization License #2012-0007 and Bond #5094141

    >Debt Management Service Provider License #DM12-10132 and Bond #57BSBGY3230



Credit Services of America, Your One Stop Shop

for ALL your CREDIT Needs.

Better Service. Lower cost. Guaranteed!







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